Who takes er wide? Anyone who sits on the fringes. Anyone who decides to make things a little bit more difficult than they need to be. Anyone who is lucky enough to find something that fuels them. Short of that,you might enjoy this podcast this if you like music, beers, friends, food, the road, the highs, the lows or what I like to call it, the kyfe lyfe.

Episode 76-The Sludge Hummer Septic Murk Tape Vol. 2 Commentary

In this episode we break down each track of the Sludge Hummer Septic Murk Tape Vol. 2 with the curator himself Sean Arsenian. It's somewhat of a behind the music special if you wish..

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Episode 77-Andrew Rashotte (Swarm of Spheres, Dapper Beard Oil)

Episode 75-Skot Hamilton (Adolyne/KEN Mode)