This was recorded at the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge DIY Flea Market that was held at Chainsaw. I set up shop and chatted with a few people. This is similar to the Guelph Flea Market episode I did but with less guests. It was fun to pick some brains and meet all the rad vendors at the show. Shout outs to Stacie and Chris for setting it up

Mike is a Toronto based musician/graphic artist who plays with hardcore punks Sago and helps run Vinyl brokers from Toronto. Crossley is one of the best and I’m super happy we were able to meet up and hang for this episode. We talk about mental health, love, and mumble rap. 

Simone is a European tour driver that we met in 2013 when The Great Sabatini first went over there. Such a solid dude and a friend we will absolutely have for life. We chatted about squats, poorly translated lyrics and touring in general.

Tim Brault is a Newton Massachusetts based drummed who currently plays with Los Bungalitos and previously played with Hivesmasher. We talk about small French gigs, big Japan gigs and medium sized Caribbean gigs. We also get into Los Bungalitos’ upcoming new album Nueva Inglaterra  

Andre Cornejo is a Winnipeg based guitarist known for ripping riffs in Dead Ranch and is currently drumming in Madeira. We talk about coping with loss, challenging yourself and the Biipiigwan/Dead Ranch tour of 2015.